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From translated with #DeepLTranslator. Considering the current situation - "it's" peaking since 2 weeks with daily high 3 digit numbers on #Covid19 deaths.
The municipal president, Armando Ayala Robles, announced that to date, the holding of massive events in the municipality has not been authorized, including an off-road race that is promoted in various media.
He emphasized that until now, requests for consent and / or permits for the development of the sports feat, supposedly scheduled for July 14 to 19, have not been received in the municipal offices involved.

He stressed that the Ensenada Government is in favor of the reactivation of economic activities, tourism and the spill that is generated with the holding of this type of meeting.
However, he emphasized, these should be done when the epidemiological traffic light allows it.
“Badly, an event that has not been authorized is promoted. We are aware that in state agencies involved, no trades have been entered by the organizing company either, ”he stated.

The mayor pointed out that the State Government issued a warrant for the cancellation of massive events, which has not been repealed and will continue until the health authority indicates it.
“There is no consent, there are no permits, we have to do an evaluation or reschedule this event out of the way. It is not correct to promote events that are not authorized, which could generate significant risks to the health of the local population and visitors, "he stressed.
President Armando Ayala urged the population to continue to abide by sanitary provisions and remain vigilant of official information, because until the contrary is determined, the warrant is to stay at home and only go out to carry out essential activities.