Baja 1000 2014 Motorcycle Race

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The Brabec team rode the No. 4x Kawasaki KX450F to dethrone Honda for the preeminent position in SCORE Baja motorcycle racing
Brabec’s team on Kawasaki breaks Honda’s 17-year win streak for overall motorcycle crown. In the motorcycle competition, the storyline was the same as it has been for a decade and a half, who will beat Honda. A different ending was revealed this year. After a close battle nearly the entire length of the peninsula, emerging with the overall motorcycle victory was the THR Motorsports team of Ricky Brabec, Oak Hills, Calif./Robby Bell, Glendora, Calif./Steve Hengeveld, Flagstaff, Ariz./Max Eddy Jr, Barstow, Calif. Bell and Hengeveld are both veteran champion SCORE Baja racers riding previously for Honda. The Brabec team rode the No. 4x Kawasaki KX450F to dethrone Honda for the preeminent position in SCORE Baja motorcycle racing, finishing in a time of 24:24:01 with an average speed of 52.36mph.
The Honda No. 1x team this year was Colton Udall, Oceanside, Calif./Mark Samuels, Yucca Valley, Calif./Ian Young, San Clemente, Calif., nearly 27 minutes behind the winners in a time of 25:0:59 at an average speed of 51.67mph) on their No. 1x Honda CRF450X.
Colton and Samuels were part of the championship teams of the last two years. This year, Udall/Samuels were joined by Udall’s brother Young.
Winning its 10th overall title in the SCORE Baja 1000 and first since 1996, Kawasaki broke the lengthy streak by Honda who leads with 24 overall victories in the race including 17 straight years of race championship teams until this year.
For the THR Motorsports team, this was Brabec and Eddy Jr’s first overall win in this race, the third for Bell and eighth overall win and 11th class win in the SCORE Baja 1000 for the veteran Hengeveld.
We finally ended Honda’s streak and it feels good. It didn’t come easy because we were behind all day. We had problems all day long with tires and lights

Team two teams entered the race in a tie for season points with two race wins each.
In their winning march to the race triumph, Kawasaki’s Bell started the race, rode twice, Brabec rode three sections, Eddy drove one and Hengeveld rode the night section from approximately race mile 965 in Loreto to the finish, nearly 310 miles.
Brabec said at the finish line, “We finally ended Honda’s streak and it feels good. It didn’t come easy because we were behind all day. We had problems all day long with tires and lights. Max Eddy had a wheel blow out on him at about race mile 680 and later had to change a tire out there. When I got on the bike the lights went out so I had to pull the radio out of my bag and get a hold of my chase crew. I got the new set of lights it all started coming together. Honda can be beat and we did it today.”

News Release SCORE Intl - Image credits Robby Bell FB
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KTM rocks time-sheet at 2013 Baja 1000 start position qualifying
Baja 1000 Motorcycle qualifying for start position at 46th Baja 1000 Desert Race. 2013 not the "classic Peninsula Run but the Ensenada - Ensenada loop-race as every second year.
Top 10 qualifiers - view document below for complete list.
1) Kurt Caselli Palmdale, CA 2X M-A 22 Class *450cc KTM 00:05:41.690 42.229
2) Timmy Weigand Valencia, CA 1X M-A 22 Class *450cc Honda 00:05:43.245
3)  Robby Bell Glendora, CA 4X M-A 22 Class *450cc Kawasaki 00:05:55.237
4) Francisco Arredondo 349X M-A 30 *Over 30 years Honda 00:06:04.503
5) A. J. Stewart Jamul, CA 9X M-A 22 Class *450cc Honda 00:06:10.500 00:00:29 38.919
6) Brian Garrahan Boulder Creek, CA 27X M-A 22 Class *450cc Kawasaki 00:06:18.601
7) Dustin Paloposki Aldergrove, BC 11X M-A 22 Class *450cc KTM 00:06:19.606
8) Mike Meyer Hermosa Beach, CA 304X M-A 30 *Over 30 years Honda 00:06:32.351
9) Cody Schafer Wheat Ridge, CO 111X M-A 21 Class *450cc Kawasaki 00:06:32.860
10) Mike Johnson El Paso, TX 300X M-A 30 *Over 30 years Honda


Baja 500 2013

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Robby Bell on his 4x Kawasaki at the San Felipe 250
Robby Bell, southern California desert racing ace, the defending overall winner, will be the first motorcycle off the starting line in the upcoming 45th annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500 desert race. SCORE is celebrating its 40th year as desert racing organization in 2013 and this race is traditionally one of the most popular events on the SCORE schedule. Some international motorcycle off-road racers and some of the USA’s best desert racers will be in action at this year’s 45th anniversary of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500, the original desert race produced by SCORE on July 26, 1974.
As usual with all SCORE Desert Series events is the Baja 500 2013 a elapsed-time race with staggered starts with the green flag on Saturday (1. June 2013) dropping first for the motorcycles and ATVs at 6:00hr and several hours later for the cars and trucks.
One of the top motorcycle desert racers, Robby Bell, 26, of Menifee, Calif., is a three-time SCORE season Class 22 point champion and he has four overall motorcycle wins in the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 including last year.
In the 2012 race, Bell and teammates David Pearson, Panaca, Nev. and Steve Hengeveld, Oak Hills, Calif., ended the 15-year win streak by Honda, giving Kawasaki its first Tecate SCORE Baja 500 overall win since 1996.
Bell/Pearson/Hengeveld ride the No. 4x Monster Energy THR Motorsports Kawasaki KX450.

The race will feature a course of just over 804 kilometers/500 miles that includes new or seldom-used areas as several new festivities will be held surround the event as the celebration continues for the 40th season of SCORE International desert racing.
Pre-running on the race course started officially last Wednesday, 15. May 2013, except for the portion from the start to Ojos Negros (approximately 56 kilometers/35 miles), which will be used in both directions during the race.
Leading the Pro motorcycle classes is the open Class 22 with seven entries in the start drawing. Class 24 leads the ATV classes so far with four and leading the Sportsman Motorcycles the SPT M/C> with 16 so far.

Pro Motorcycles

CLASS 22 (7)
4x Robby Bell
13x Nicola Dutto
1x Timmy Weigand
6x Mark Adams
2x Kurt Caselli
14x Kendall Norman
7x Arron Wright

CLASS 21 (4)
120x Adam Neuwirth
114x Carlos Valenzuela
106x Kenneth Slater
127x Jim O’Neal

CLASS 30 (6)
329x Brad Baker
301x Cliff Cook
302x Javier Hernandez
306x Robert Riggs
304x Jay Rabjohn
303x Ryan Gutile

CLASS 40 (3)
405x Andrew Lloyd
403x Oscar Fazz
402x Mike Prunty

CLASS 50 (2)
501x Carlos Valdez
500x Marc Prince

Pro ATVs

CLASS 25 (1)
11a Ryan Lea-1st RS

CLASS 24 (4)
103a Alejandro Avalos
101a Thomas Wright
102a Shawn Robins
111a Eric Dwiggins
  Sportsman Classes

SPT M/C< (5)
216X Hironori Okada
229x Tim Fields
203x Fred Sobke
206x Richard Ameen
249x Mark Winkelman-1st RS

SPT M/C> (16)
291x Stephen Ankeny
268x Eric Saltzer
275x Alan Martinez
299x Servando Cazares
284x William Salazar
257x Thierry Mas
258x Hironobu Tabata
256x P. Trent Whisenant
267x Bill Cotton
289x Scott Darkow
259x Tsuyoshi Nameki
260x Tomohiro Murakami
271x Bob Russell
294x Todd Powell
290x Stuart Gordon
266x Scott Dolphin

77a Fidel Gonzalez
51a Richard Epperson
55a Rodrigo Rubio
66a Rusty Batza-2nd RS
57a John Nores Jr.-1st RS

The core of this post is compiled with data from a public available SCORE Intl. news release.
Aiming to defend the 2012 Baja 500 title

Honda rider and Red Bull athlete Kendall Norman at 2012 Baja 500

Off-Road Baja Tracking

SCORE Race Fuel Monopoly

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The following is a public post by Mark Weyhrich, TSCO Racing, Trophy Truck's # 9 and 98. The concerns are addressing a basically per se monopoly on race-fuel used.
Where to buy and which to use....!
o-tone excerpt: "Any fuels not purchased from ARS through the SCORE website will not be allowed in vehicles competing in the SCORE San Felipe 250 race"
One can choose from several fuel brands (VP or F&L), but has to purchase at 1 supplier (ARS), this is a de-facto monopoly because you must buy it from ARS.
Roger Norman's intent was to keep costs down and have companies pay into a year end points fund, but also to not create a monopoly. Supposedly he had buy in from VP, F&L and Sunoco. At the last minute, Sunoco said they would not pay into a year end fund, so they were out.
1. I was told by one team owner that he is being charged $14.25 per gallon for San Felipe. The fuel bill for TSCO Racing (remember we are only 2 teams out of how many?) will go up by $10,000 for the 3 SCORE races alone.
2. It is completely dysfunctional to try to run multiple fuels, so the TSCO Racing annual fuel bill will go up by about $30,000.
3. We have an annual agreement with Sunoco. This was in place long before SCORE's announcement. Now I either ignore that agreement and deal with potential consequences, or don't race SCORE or HDRA events.
4. While racers can choose from more than 1 fuel, this is a de-facto monopoly because you must buy it from ARS.
5. This announcement comes only 10 days before our race vehicles have to leave for Baja. Even if we did not have a fuel deal, it would not be feasible for us to re-dyno our trucks before the race. And, our race fuel is already bought and paid for for the San Felipe 250.
6. ARS is only giving $25,000 to be split among 40 classes? I'm not suggesting everyone pays what we pay for fuel, but I just told you how much our fuel bill goes up. Do the math.
7. This is not just a business deal for us. We have built a strong relationship with our vendors and their representatives. They have been supporting us and the sport of off-road racing for a long time. For them to be left out in the cold just doesn't seem right.
8. Not only do you have to use VP or F&L, you MUST buy from ARS. You cannot buy these fuels from a distributor and bring them to a race.
9. What happens to teams that have deals with VP or F&L? Do we all subsidize them now?
10. This paves the way for a lot more of this type of thing; wheels, tires, shocks, seats, etc...
Again, I like the intent and it has worked well in other types of racing. If we are going to be told what to do and at what COST, then there need to be a real financial compensatory model, not just $25,000. There needs to be clarity, as in how much of my per gallon cost goes directly into the points fund? And, how many gallons were used during the season? They need to give teams time to make the change.
This remarks are from Mark Weyhrich, Trophy Truck #9

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